II am who II am.

"Be yourself."

SHINee in the military service

  • Jonghyun: Before I shoot you I wanna ask you, if you have a pretty sister?
  • Minho: *kills 20 people with one bullet*
  • Taemin: *dance through all the bullets*
  • Key: Oh you wanna shoot me? OH HELL NO BITCH! *puts out a gucci bullet and shoot the enemy's brain out*
  • And there's Onew...
  • Commander: So you take the gun and run across this field, but you should be very carefully when you run through this field, because it's a...
  • Onew: *runs* BOOOOMMM
  • Commander: ...minefield...
  • Onew: *comes out of a big smoke cloud* I'M FINE!